Joe Lyons' Entertainment

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Joe Lyons was born in Minot North Dakota at a very young age . Before he could walk Joe was roller skating across the room , a show that ended with a bang . Joe still proudly wears the scar on his forehead (and will  share it's story whenever asked) .  After learning to walk , talk and tie his shoes (fact's many still debate to this day)  Joe started studying magic , dance , and theatre arts .  

Truly a Family Affair!

"One of our regular park volunteers who attended Saturday's show contacted me via e-mail. She loved the show and said, "I was having as much fun as the kids!" She is 85 years old! Great show, thanks for comming."

-Chris Fetzer
Johnny Appleseed Metro Parks
Lima, Ohio

       "Magical, Mystical, Razzle, Dazzle...
                         wonderful memorable performances...                    loved your magic shows."

      -Janet E. Boyd
       Galloway, Ohio

For Availability: (614) 777-7632

"... very professional and would certainly appeal

to both adult and youth gatherings."

                                                                      -Ronald L. Hooker

                                                                    Delaware, Ohio

"Thank you very much for providing entertainment at our Harlem Township Days festival... fantastic. I really appreciate your time, effort and energy to make our festival a memorable event."

                                                             -Vicki Tieche

                                                                           Center Village, Ohio